From the point that you have identified the functionality and required components of your Hyginox suite, Hyginox UK works with you using 3D solid modeling tools to ensure that you attain the maximum level of functionality. 360 degree viewable models ensure that a client’s design intent is realized.


The detailed coordination with building services, fabric and finishes is made easy by virtue of the quality of the models issued. Project management, site dimensioning and provision of templates are available upon request. However, the site delivery, construction and commissioning of complex suites would ideally be undertaken or overseen by representative of Hyginox UK.

Manual Handling

The delivery positioning and leveling of the plinth mounted counters becomes easy due to the low weight of the separate plinth sections. Precise alignment results in accurate and stable interface, with reduced ingress and infestation potential. The square and true topwork then fits perfectly, resulting in no gaps.